How to thicken the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree trunk

First of all, this fiddle leaf fig tree is about 5 years old. The trunk is pretty solid and thick. The rumor is true about wiggling the tree to have a thicker trunk.

The tree was three years old with a pencil size trunk. The trunk didn’t grow thicker until we left it outdoors and our backyard had a very good wind draft. The wind constantly blowing and causing the tree to wiggle back and forth. The trunk grew thicker after one year of being outside.

The wind was so strong it kept blowing the tree over and falling on the floor. Each time the tree tips over, the beautiful leaves get damaged. It kept getting damaged to the point that the tree looks ill. So we decided to start over.

Yes, we chopped the tree in half and re-grew the leaves. We are still in the process of growing it back. But check out the thickness of the trunk!!!

There you have it, the secret is to either wiggle the trunk as often as you can indoor. The more you wiggle, the faster it thickens. Or if your backyard have a good windy draft location, let it sit outside and you will be amazed by the results.

Happy gardening!!!

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