How to grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree with many branches

Fiddle leaf fig tree (with multiple branches) are a hot item lately. But before you decide to do something drastic, you need to meet a couple requirements.

  1. The tree trunk need to be thick/strong enough to support the top. Meaning the tree shouldn’t lean or bend in any way. Learn how to thicken the tree trunk
  2. Space requirement. Do you have the space to accommodate the growth of the tree. You are trying to fit a tree in your living space.
  3. Good lighting is a must for the tree to thrive.

Fortunately, I keep my FFL outdoors where there is plenty of space and sunlight. My tree is also 5 years old; the trunk is nice and thick.

My tree was about 6-7ft tall and we cut the tree in half with a couple of leaf left. We cut the tree in March. After 2-3 weeks, you start to see some buds forming

I thought it was going to grow 2-4 buds max, but to my surprise, more than 10 buds developed throughout the tree. Most of the buds were on top, the buds grew on lower parts of the tree got picked off as I only want branches on top.

After a couple of months, the leaves really start to grow. I did fertilizer every watering. Use half the fertilizer amount and about every 2 weeks and more often as it got warmer. Watering requirement varies depending on your weather. Best way is to use a soil moisture meter to determine the next watering.

I will update again in a couple months to show the plants development.

Happy gardening and good luck!

**** Update 1 month later ****

This is the fertilizer I used. Works amazing! The plant loves it and growing like crazy.

Botanicare CNS17 Grow Plant Nutrient

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