Fix Sub-Zero Fridge Leaking Water

My Sub-Zero model Bi-36s fridge was leaking water in the freezer. It turns out my drain was frozen

i had to move all my frozen food to my second freezer in the garage while I work on the sub-zero. Once all the food was transferred out, I powered off the fridge.

  • Start removing the trays (The tray release button is under the tray)
  • The tray arms were removed after that
  • Removed the condenser cover (only 4 screws)

you can see the ice frozen on the floor because of the frozen drain

once the condenser cover was removed you can see the thick layer of ice covering the drain.

i slowly chipped the ice with a small flat head and also add some water to help with melting the ice. It was a hot day, so that helped too.

once the ice had been removed, you can see the drain hole.

not done yet! Still have to remove the ice or whatever is caused the clog in the drain tube. I had to pour hot water and use a straw cleaning brush to clean the drain tube.

when you are able to push the straw cleaner all the way through, the drain tube should be cleared of ice and whatever is clogging it.

Now is a good time to wipe down the freezer and clean it. Remove the ice on the bottom if it haven’t melted already.Add condenser cover back. Install the tray arms. Put the tray back. Put the frozen food back. Turn the fridge back on.

And you are all done!!!

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