Baby Potty Seat vs Potty Chair

Potty Seat vs. Potty Chair

Potty Chair is a little training potty that sits by itself on the floor. Most of them have a removable basin that you can dump and clean.

Unless you’re dealing with a kid over the age of three, I feel that the potty chair is less intimidating for little ones who are dwarfed by the size of an adult potty.

The big downside? It can be really gross to clean poop out of the bowl – perhaps even slightly grosser than changing diapers.

The Potty Seat (below),on the other hand, is a seat that reduces the size of the adult seat to a smaller size such that your kiddo won’t fall into the potty.

If you can get your little one to sit on the real potty, score! No transfer of waste is required, and it’s so much less cleanup. Just keep in mind, your toddler might be intimidated by the sheer height of the potty. You’ll also need a kid’s step stool, unless your toilet happens to be really low to the ground. Or you live at a preschool.

Which kind to get?

In my experience, toddlers less than two or 2 ¼ prefer a potty chair and kids over 2 ¼ or 2 ½ seem to be okay with going on the big potty. At the end of the day, try both and let him decide which is more comfortable.

Generally speaking, a potty chair is the safest bet, but most people end up getting a potty seat (sometimes called a seat reducer) later on when the child becomes a little bigger and more confident.

Personally, my child is 2 years old, and she prefer the potty training seat with step when she is at home.

When we are out either going to restaurant or running around town or traveling, we bring the baby chair because it’s portable and my daughter is more comfortable with it in the car. That mean lots of pulling over the road so the little one can go potty.

When she gets a little older and more comfortable with public restrooms, we stop brining the training chair, and bring the baby training seat

I’m conclusion, we have used all three types of toilet seat for different potty training stages and different environment. Happy potty training! Your little one will do great!!!

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